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Now, it is not the time of Palash. Even then why we named it so? Since, the place itself is called Palash Bari. The name itself is so beautiful… right !!! It is true that this is the home to Palash trees. They make us to be their friends and allow us to stay among them. Reluctant to let go of this enchanting greenery, decided to change our hotel construction plans. Not a single bruise was allowed on my Palash friends.

Palashbari is an ecological Resort located at Baranti village in the district of Purulia. Just beside lies the Baranti lake. Through the narrow muddy road beside the lake one can leave the human crowd behind and reach the edge, just where the kingdom of Palash trees starts. In the middle of which lies the humble abode of Palash Bari… unlike any other cemented structured Resort that you are familiar with.


Throughout the year Palashbari organises numerous exciting events. On Holi we spray the sky with multiple colors of Gulal and all our guests and locals are invited to enjoy the same. It is followed by cultural events of dance and music from the local tribal residents. Our eco Resort also have an open stage in the midst of trees. Would you like to organise a discussion forum with your friends or a family gathering with a different taste… we have your back.
The next question that comes to your mind after reading this…. what about the cuisine… food.... how will it be in this remote location? 100% pure Bengali food… fish curry, chicken curry, aloo posto, puri, mixed vegetables, bengali cuisine never ends without sweets and sweet curd… we have it all !!! Now what.... about the rooms… go to our Gallery section to find out yourself.

We provide eco tourism so our guest should know… we are not the place where you are looking for luxury. We consider Television to be an object of noise pollution… so we let nature play their music. None of our rooms have AC… neither it is needed. Our rooms are according to climate, with cool breeze entering the windows through the Palash trees… a plush of rain will make you so comfortable that you won’t even need the fan. Palash Bari resort is full of trees. Committed to our motto of not cutting trees, even though there are houses but none of the trees were harmed. As a result the place is full of wild scent, sound of Cricket and other insects, darkness of the greens is a regular companion.
Another caution... internet might not work well here… refrain yourself from using Facebook and WhatsApp for sometime and enjoy the gifts of nature to its fullest. What we have in store for you at Palash Bari ecological Resort, after experiencing, you will cherish it for your entire life. বাংলাতে পড়ুন


The Resort covers a total 7 Bighas of beautiful landscape with more than 2000 Palash Trees which blossoms to a romantic red view during the spring season (specially in the month of March) which our guests can enjoy from the window and the verndah of each room of our resort.

◈ Dormitory Facility for Drivers
◈ Rental Car Service
◈ All Room Facing Baranti Hill
◈ Attached Western Toilet with 24 hours Hot & Cold Water
◈ Jungle View Restaurant
◈ Tours & Travels
◈ Adventure Activities
◈ Purified Drinking Water
◈ Car Parking
◈ Childrens Play Area
◈ Doctor on call
◈ Power Backup

Cultural Activities

Chhau Dance
Tribal Dance
Kabi Gan
Baul Song
Jhhumur Song
Natua Dance
Pata Dance
Basanta Utsav

Eco Events

Nature Walk
Bird Watching
Tribal Village Visit

Local Attractions


Baranti is a small tribal village in Purulia district. Situated between two small hillocks, Muradi Hill and Baranti Hill with Muradi Lake beside it and at walking distance is Muradi Dam with Baranti water reservoir. It's a place to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Panchet Dam

Panchet Dam extends to a length of 6 km and is constructed over river Damodar. The place is a picnic spot and offers a large number of adventure activities. The best time to visit is the monsoon season giving an enchanting experience.

Kalyaneshwari Temple

Kalyaneshwari temple is a famous Hindu temple built by the king of Panchkot. The deity is one of the shrine from fallen body part of Goddess Parvathi. It is believed to fulfill the wishes of childless women and is surrounded by Maithan dam.


Garpanchkot is a ruined fort of the king of Kashipur located at the foothills of Panchet Hill. There are scattered ruins of many terracotta style temples around Garpanchkot. The famous is the Panchratna Temple ruins.

Pakhi Pahar

Pakhi Pahar draws bird watchers and rock climbing enthusiasts. The hill has been painstakingly sculpted by Mr. Chitta Dey to etch and paint Birds on the rock face. Enroute, a short trek in the jungles of Matha Forest is worth a visit.

Biharinath Hill

Biharinath Hill is the tallest hill of Bankura District. The base of hill is a popular tourist spot. There is an old Shiva temple of Biharinath. This place has hills, dense forests with abundant flora and fauna, spring, water bodies and Damodar River.

Susunia Hill

Susunia Hill is a known archeological and fossil site with its lash green hill famous for rich flora, fauna and medicinal plants. The holy spring water comes out from Narshima Stone and famous for Rock climbing and camping.

Bamni Falls

Bamni Falls is located near Bareria village and is flanked by charming landscape and greenery. The sound of flowing water is all that can be heard with a full view of the creek from the watchtower give an enchanting experience.

Ajodhya Hills

Ajodhya Hills, is a small plateau with hilly surroundings located in the Purulia district of the state West Bengal located at an elevation of 712 m. Highest peak of Ajodhya Hills is Chamtaburu. The nearby populated town area is Bagmundi.

Joychandi Hill

Joychandi Hill is located in Purulia and is major attraction for rock climbing. Standing 800 feet tall with a flight of 520 steps snaking around the boulders and ancient watchtowers would take you to the temple of Mata Chandi atop the hill.

Charida Village

A village in Baghmundi block of Purulia where skilled mask makers of the celebrated Chau dance resides. This quaint village in the land of red soil is located at the scenic foothills of the Ayodhya Hills, about 5 km from Baghmundi.

Maithon Dam

The Dam is located on the banks of river Barakar was developed by Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam has a picturesque landscape amidst a beautiful lake and beautiful green forests as well as boating service is available.

Bero Hill

Bero is a small town in the district of Purulia and the Bero hills are located here. The terrain consists of 3 cliffs of which the highest one known as Swarga Bati. A large population of Monkeys are found here living in the caves.

Turga Falls

Turga Falls is a cascading waterfall. Its water is very clear. One can see through it as if it were a piece of glass. Turga Dam is also present in this region. This place is located about 2 KM from Bagmundi.

Khairabera Dam

Khairabera is a beautiful lake amidst an irrigation dam in the midst of slopes and woods at Baghmundi hills. The beauty of the place is its serenity, uneven terrain, waterfalls, streams, thick vegetation.

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